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, thank you very much for contributing. now, here's one for you. the koch brothers, they're willing to do what the liberals have been demanding for years, bail out the "l.a. times" and "chicago tribune." but wait a minute, now the left says reporters at these papers should quit if that occurs. so much for tolerance. we're about to debate this with media expert, brent boezle and steve pearl stein. howard dean with me. we're going to be talking about free market capitalism, which as he well knows is still the best path to prosperity. i'm kudlow. we'll be right back. [ lorenzo ] i'm lorenzo. i work for 47 different companies. well, technically i work for one. that company, the united states postal service® works for thousands of home businesses. because at® you can pay, print and have your packages picked up for free. i can even drop off free boxes. i wear a lot of hats. well, technically i wear one. the u.s. postal service®, no business too small. >>> we know about the koch brothers eyeing to scoop up eight newspapers observed owned by the "tribune" company but this has liberals
. the koch brothers might be buying newspapers which would be a disaster. now in the beginning we're going to start with syria. president obama's holding a press conference, asked about syria. did they cross the red line when they might have used chemical weapons. we believe that it was probably that they did. well here's president obama's response. >> what we now have is evidence that chemical weapons have been used inside of syria but we don't know how they were used, when they were used, who used them. we don't have a chain of custody that establishes what exactly happened and when i am making decisions about america's national security and the potential for taking additional action in response to chemical weapon use, i've got to make sure i've got the facts. cenk: yeah that's a delay tactic. he's between a rock and hard place. the american people don't want to go to syria the american corporations don't want to go. israel doesn't want to go to syria. he drew a red line and they crossed it. he said well, let's see what happens, we've got to determine better. we certainly don't want to r
's answer to the koch brothers. you may remember charles and david koch poured millions into the 2012 election but they may have met their match. thomas steyer, billionaire and former california hedge fund executive who's determined to put his own mind behind some environmental causes. a fitting topic for earthquake. he's already waged a few fights in california where he spent $50 million to support a proposition to fund energy projects and defeat another that would have suspended the state's global warming law. he took to the stage to promote the president's vision of a clean energy future. >> i say this not as the head of greenpeace or the sierra club, i say it as the head of an investment firm that's spent the last quarter century crunching numbers and making tough calls. president obama knows that advanced energy is america's future and my bet as a businessman is that he is exactly right. >> although the election is over, steyer remained in the spotlight. in april he hosted a fund-raiser at his home for president obama. he also appears to be gearing up to be a major player in the
's just say we respectfully disagree with the senator from texas. they are at it again, the koch brothers are hatching more schemes. our own pesky kid david sirota will help us foil them again. and our second cartoon villain is up for reelection and there isn't an progressive in the country that doesn't want to beat the garter sox off of him. and later our third cartoon villain is turning a popularity turn around act. it's wednesday. you are in "the war room," and we will be right back. ♪ >> michael: yesterday the career website, released its list of best and worst jobs of 2013 at the very bottom of the list of 200 was newspaper reporter. the newspaper business as a whole is not a particularly lucrative entity either. then why in the world are the billionaire koch brothers considering buying the tribune eight major newspapers. they want to shift the country towards a smaller government with fewer regulations and lower taxes. they have a three-prong strategy, including educating grassroots activists, influencing politics, and buying media. i
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. the public choose a cat. the company calls the contest "tremendously successful". the conservative koch brothers are reportedly eyeing a big investment in media - specifically, eight tribune company publications, including the chicago tribune, the los angeles times, and the baltimore sun. media ownership is reportedly something the koch brothers have focused on as part of a long-term plan to shrink the u.s. government and its regulations. a spokeswoman for koch industries says politics has nothing to do with the possible newspaper acquistion. we don't mean to gross you out, but bedbugs are making an aggressive move into hospitals and nursing homes. the national pest management association reports a 6% rise in bedbug extermination at hospitals, while the number has doubled to 46% at nursing homes. hospitals are said to be cracking down on the litte buggers. a recent study shows the leaves of kidney beans can be effective in stopping bedbugs. new york city is considering raising the age requirement to buy cigarettes. under a proposal, smokers would have to be 21 or older to purchase. it w
. coming up a knucklehead alert. an update on what the koch brothers and the tea party are doing to remake america in their own image. plus the president is getting pretty good at the whole stand-up thing. and later the march goes on our series on civil rights continues with a look at one of the most shocking and defining moments of the entire era. it's "the war room" on a monday and we will be right back. (vo) later tonight current tv is the place for compelling true stories. >> jack, how old are you? >> nine. >> this is what 27 tons of marijuana looks like. (vo) with award winning documentaries that take you inside the headlines, way inside. (vo) from the underworld, to the world of privilege. >> everyone in michael jackson's life was out to use him. (vo) no one brings you more documentaries that are real, gripping, current. >> "viewpoint" digs deep into the issues of the day. >> has the time finally come for real immigration reform? >> with a distinctly satirical point of view. if you believe in state's rights but still believe in the >> only on current tv. you know who
. but last week north korea said it would no longer honor that agreement. in 1995, reporter kathleen koch brought us this account of the memorial to their memory being dedicated in washington, d.c. >> reporter: standing more than 7 feet tall the stainless steel figures shrog across the field toward a distant flag. near by faces of actual support troops from the korean war. at this dedication president clinton and south korean president kim jung-sam credited the soldiers. >> they set a standard that may be equaled but will never be surpassed in american combat. >> in this tribute to all those korean war veterans who set apart their lives. and i give respect to all those who fought in that war. >> reporter: nearly 58,000 americans died in the conflict. this week thousands of their comrades gathered at the washington wall. their once young faces have changed and so has their bitterness over the fact that it has taken so long to erect a monument to what many called the forgotten war. >> for many many years we have ended the korean war and many wars had memorials, and now we have our own. >> r
, that we are too out there on the free market front. >> hockenberry: the koch brothers? >> david koch is the chairman of our afp foundation. we are glad to have his support. we don't disclose the level of contributions. but we are very proud to have their support. >> americans for prosperity. we're blessed with just such a leader in our chairman, david koch. >> hockenberry: with money from their oil and gas holdings, david koch and his brother charles, along with other powerful family foundations, have quietly become the venture capitalists of this free market ideology. >> ...american dream of free enterprise, capitalism is alive and well. >> the major funders of the climate countermovement are ideologically driven foundations that are very much concerned about conservative values and world views. >> hockenberry: sociologist and stanford fellow robert brulle is studying the funding patterns of these groups. in fact, he's noticed a new benefactor, an entity called donorstrust. >> hockenberry: who's donorstrust? >> donorstrust, i think, is a c-4 or c-3 that's given to us, absolutely. >>
are the charles g.koch foundation, the claude r.lamm charitable foundation, the earheart foundation, and oil giant exxonmobil. on the receiving end is a lengthy roster of well-known and often-cited rightward-leaning outlets. the top ten -- we'll just talk about the top ten -- are the american enterprise institute, the cato institute, the competitive enterprise institute, the heartland institute, the heritage foundation, the hudson institute, the institute for energy research, the george c. marshal institute, the manhattan institute, and the mehr kay did -- andthe mercada center. who is giving? charles koch is the chairman and c.e.o. of koch industries. he is the sixth-richest person on the planet. koch industries is the second-largest privately held company in the united states of america. koch companies include the koch pipeline company and flint hills resources which operates refineries with a combined crude oil capacity of more than 292 million barrels per year. that much oil accounts for 126 million metric tons of carbon pollution each year, as much as 35 coal-fired power plants produce or 26
are the wrong hands? dennis kneale has the story. >> hey, twice. the controversial and conservative koch brothers, charles and david, energy billionaire, crude saiders against bloated big government, funders of tea party are said to be interested in buying "the l.a. times." that has nickers in a twist in liberal hollywood and elsewhere. that bastion of editorial page liberalism, "the new york times" published a big story on sunday describing this as a part of a 10-year strategy the koches to shift the nation to smaller government and less regulation and less taxes. horrors, smaller government. the koch brothers funded cato institute, heritage foundation as well as americans for prosperity, a tea party advocate. that rattles the editor-in-chief of the a hollywood website who writes, koch brothers are known for fun nilling millions of doll into right-wing and ultraright-wing political campaigns. this should make anyone who cares about journalism nervous. the chandler family founded "l.a. times" in 1838 as conservative paper. no complaints were raised after reports democratic billio
of you for coming. i was at ed koch's memorial service a couple weeks ago. though clinton walked in carrying papers like this and he said, i just want to assure you all this is not the eulogy. these are just the letters that ed koch sent me while i was president. while i'm happy to say this is not the eulogy either, because we still have grand central terminal, we came very close not to having it but fortunately it was saved and we will talk about that. i'm going to talk all the while and then be happy to try to answer any questions that you might have. when i began this book and met with my colleagues at grand central publishing we came up with the title track 11 -- "grand central: how a train station transformed america" and then i said david? that's a pretty ambitious agenda to have to live up to? and i realized it easily did that. dthe more researched the book te more i realized that this was a transformative place. and just prepping for a minute. if you go anywhere in the world and say this places like grand central station, everybody knows what you're talking about. it's a
. [applause] >> thank you, cynthia and all of you for coming. i was at ed koch is in the world series a couple weeks ago when bill clinton walked in carrying sheets of papers like this that i want to assure you love this is not the eulogy. these are just the letters at koch sent me while i was president. i'm happy to say this is not the eulogy either because we still have grand central terminal. he came close not to having it, but fortunately with save doubletalk about that. i'll talk a little wild and be happily answer any questions you might have. when i began this book and that was my colleagues at grand central publishing, came up with the title, "grand central: how a train station transformed america." and then i went home and said that's a pretty ambitious agenda to have to live up to. i've realized that it easily do that. camara researched the book, the more i realize this is a transformative place. just stop and think if you go anywhere in the world and say this places i grand central station, everybody knows which are talking about. it's a metaphor for frenzy, chaos and the dizziness
, with cash funding from koch industries. a fizzle in the land o' drizzle - july 4th will be a quiet day in seattle. the city will not host a 4th of july fireworks display this summer. a non- profit has been attempting to raise $500,000 for the display, but missed its deadline. seattle has struggled to raise money for the displays after corporate sponsorship ended in 2010. still to come, what the second quarter has in store for investors according to a money manager. that's later on. first though, america's small business owners see better times for the balance of the year. the reason is next with bill moller, after this "in the know" message. we know the economy is improving, but what about small business owners. their hiring practices are a major economic driver in this country. what do they think? what are they planning? every month we take measure of their thinking and what they're doing in the surepayroll small business score card - a sampling of tens of thousands of businesses across america. michael alter is ceo and president of surepayroll. michael as you look at the data, it loo
taken in micin the 1880s. einstein's father herman, einstein's mother pauline koch. einstein and his sister are maya about 1893. einstein at the age of 17. einstein in the classroom in switzerland, his teacher. toward the end of the 19th century. einstein at the swiss patent office burned in the early 1900s. einstein and his first wife taken in 11 when both were in their early 30s. einstein and his wife meleva and their son hans albert, 1904. einstein and max plank, the originator of the quantum theory which played a key part in the development of einstein's theories. einstein and his second wife elsa. einstein in middle age as director of the keyser wilhelm institute,erlin. einstein on the cover of berlina, dember14, 1919. a new great figure in world history. einstein in winston churchill on the grounds of country home 1933. einstein on the day following his arrival at princeton institute of advanced studies, october 1933. signing the letter to franklin delano roosevelt, a reconstructed set piece photo of the 1939 warning to president roosevelt from einstein about the dangerous poss
of their daughter to court and the vow they are making to make the >> koch kgo. >> good monday morning to you at 5:00. i am kira klapper filling in for eric thomas. >> it is a girl's show? >> hello? hell three? hello? >> mike nicco is here. hopefully the wind is blowing the right way today. speaking of winds, we have at sfo the fastest wind and half moon bay in san jose is gusting to 23 and novato is at 21 and 18 in san carlos. >> windy along the coast until 9:00 tonight with temperatures around 57 to 63. the coast is in the mid-to-upper 50's and breezy inland with low-to-mid 60's. >> as we look outside this is the drive headed into the maze from berkeley, you are looking at the tail lights along westbound 80 and it is looking clear. as you make it to the tolls, we will look at that, you do not have too much company. the drive is still easy, as you make it to san francisco and speaking of breezes go have high wind advisory for some of the bridges across the bay area so drive with caution. in the east bay, the drive along 580, you are down to 40 miles per hour at tracy with plenty of traffic over t
engraved on the memorial. freedom is not free. kathleen koch, washington. >>> just two months after the korean war started, casualties were growing. a hospital ship was getting ready to deploy to korea when it went down at the mouth of san francisco bay. it remains there to this day. in 2001, ktvu's bob mackenzie recalled the story of the wreck of the uss benevolence. >> reporter: in 1950 the u.s. military faced a new war in a place most americans knew nothing about. korea. what was called a police action quickly mutated into a real war. fighting was fierce and casualties were high. there was a sudden desperate need for hospital ships. medical vessels that had been retired at the end of world war ii such as the u.s. s. hope were haul back into service. a hospital ship could carry medicine and supplies out to the war zone then bring back the wounded and give them immediate life saving care along the way. the hope sister ship the benevolence was also called back to service and renovated for duty. in 1950 the benevolence was returning to the bay be
hiring and firing. >>> could he be the political left's answer to the right's koch brothers? a billionaire hedge fund manager has so far poured in $400,000 of his own money into the massachusetts senate race. to defeat democratic congressman steven lynch because lynch supports the keystone pipeline. according to "the boston globe," he plans to have a banner fly over red sox opener at fenway that says "steve lynch for oil evil empire." >>> the next scene from nasa teams like a scene from "armageddon." it wants to bring an asteroid even closer in hopes of sending astronauts to the rock and bring back samples. they say it can be done within a decade before focusing on mars. >>> we go to cnbc now. >> good morning, richard. the markets coming off a down week with the dow and nasdaq ending in the red on the back of that disappointing jobs report. investors will look for data this week on retail sales, inflation and consumer sentiment. and a story on our radar, airbus is breaking ground on a $600 million assembly plant in alabama today. this will make the european company and boein
, are we closing it? koch brothers, are they buying the l.a. times? whew, i know buying "the l.a. times" would be a disaster if they do that. the rest is a question. that's what we are going to talk about on "the young turks"." >> michael: he'll be answered only the way that cenk can answer them. it's finally out. statistics from the association of plastic surgeons. in a statement that said the trend was heavily influenced by the toned arms of female celebrities. the phenomenon of michelle obama arms for the spike of surgeries. moving on from buff arms to firearms, when it comes to approval ratings jeff flake acknowledged a new poll from public policy polling which found he had a dismal 34% approval rating. he wrote nothing like waking up to a poll saying you're the nation's least popular senator given the politics dim view in general that probably puts me somewhere below pond scum. well said senator flake although some may think that pond scum my it's a future source of energy. it may serve a purpose. i can't say the same for you l make. and mark sanford is the latest to fall. this bi
. >> and i'm denise koch. here's what people are talking about tonight. >>> governor martin o'malley he queue for months about the gang's empire. praises federal prosecutors. but tonight, correctional officers are slamming the state for a lack of staffing. wjz is live at the detention center. investigator mike hellgren has in-depth coverage of the fall diswut and scandal. >> reporter: the governor told wjz he first learned about this last spring. he is framing the federal indictments and investigation as a positive development. and he's calling for increased security enhancements at this facility. but some say it's too little, too late. >> reporter: in his first public comments, the governor called the federal indictment, detailing, how a violent gang corrupted officers at the baltimore city detention center, and virtually ran the facility, ugly and shocking. >> i share the public's revulsion at these allegations. and we have a zero tolerance policy towards corruption of any kind. >> the feds say tavon white, a leader of the black gorilla gang, impregnated four officers. smuggling drugs and u
if he is a net positive or a net negative. then again, it's not like swing voters may like the koch brothers or karl rove but their ads are effective anyway. one place bloomberg has been a very effective messenger is in chicago where voters head to the polls today in the special general election to fill the congressional seat vacated by former congressman jesse jackson. democratic nominee cook county chief administrator officer kelly benefited from bloomberg's money in the primary and is expected to easily win today. speaking of ads, organizing for action, the president's policy political arm unveils online ads on facebook and search engines asking americans to urge senators to support the universal background check bill. interesting that that is the one part of guns that they focused on. the day of action reducing gun violence will be on april 13th. finally since it's tuesday, quick 2014 senate round up. senate minority leader mitch mcconnell is not taking any chances. he raised $1.8 million during the first quarter and has nearly $9 million in cash on hand for his re-election. mcc
something about koch. well, yes, koch beat earnings by 1 cent, but if you look at the year over year revenue, they actually declined. so we have a lot of financial engineering. we have a lot of costs coming out of the cost structure. that is not sustainable. if we want to have growth multiples on an ongoing basis, the topline revenue for these companies needs to grow. and once the fed stops the printing press, if that growth doesn't catch up, then we'll be in a really bad position. >> when is the fed going to stop the printing press? >> i think that's the $64 million or maybe trillion-dollar question. >> well, it is, but if it matters quite a bit, because if the fed is going to stop the printing press in a month, i want to stop stocks. if fed is not going to stop the printing press until 2016, i want to be invested. >> i agree with you. >> so if you're going to make that comment, you have to have a strategy, right? so when is the fed going to stop fingerprinti i the printing press? >> and i don't think that happens until later this area or maybe next year. so i think we have some run room he
. senator dianne feinstein and representative jim koch introduced a new bill yesterday which would add 1600 acres to the park's western border. the democrats say the money to expand the park would come from fees from offshore oil drilling. >>> you may have seen it, it's a weird flying machine in the skies over san francisco. it's the swiss solar plane. it took a 16 hour test flight around the golden gate and bay bridge yesterday afternoon. it looks strange, right? the 3500-pound device is powered by the sun. while it's not carrying passengers, it is carrying an important message. >> if all the technologies we have in solar impulse were used everywhere in the world, the world could divide by two its energy consumption and produce half of its needs with renewable solar sources. >> pilots were testing the plane's wings to prepare for a cross-country flight next week. >> quiet too. >> i know. >> cool. >>> 4:56. a fake tweet sends wall street into a tailspin. how the tech company is stepping up security this morning. >>> and a boat owner turns hero. the obsession that led one man to find the bos
of sorts. it is said that the koch should not own the la times because of their political standpoints. the next step is they will circulate financial data. sue will continue to follow the story. >> we're going to go back up to scott kohn who brought us the news that the department of justice has filed charges against the second suspect one of the big was whether or not he was going to be charged by the department of justice or a military trial. what are the advantages? >> i can tell you a little bit more about the criminal complaint just unsealed. it's one count of conspiracy to use a weapon of mass destruction. the penalty for that is life in prison or the death penalty. one of the things considered early on is whether he would be subject to state charges in a state that does not have the death penalty or federal charges that do include the death penalty. and white house spokesman pointing out that hundreds of terrori terrorists have been tried and convicted under this law and that people should have faith in the justice system. did the complaint or the arraignment documents include
for us right now. we'll be back at 11:00. >> for bob and mark, i'm denise koch. thanks for watching wjz. now >> pelley: there was chaos at the finish line. >> it's so terrifying. it's so scary. and there was smoke and glass everywhere. >> pelley: at least two are dead, many dozens hurt. >> this is the cbs evening news with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening. iterrible day. witnesses say it sounded like thunder, two bombs went off as dozens of runners were crossing the finish line at the boston marathon today. one explosion near the reviewing dtand at the finish line injured tystanders knocked many runners off their feet, and seconds later, another blast about two blocks away. at least two people are dead, although that number is expected to change opinion dozens more, more than 50, have been hurt, some of them critically. rescuers pulled the injured away in wheelchairs. boston police have urged people to go home and avoid large crowds just to be safe. the attack came at the end of the boston marathon, a grueling 26-mile race from hopkinton, massachusetts, to downtown boston, endi
that a koch-affiliated organization ponied up between $2 million and $3 million to the nra to use their grassroots strength. the nra has always had large grassroots from its members. they decided they wanted to expand even further. i was told by the nra lobbyist that millions of gun owners who are potential potential allies of the nra are not registered to vote. so they got out the vote for many states, virginia, florida, and others, and this was seen as a great opportunity to boost not only the gun vote but the conservative vote. so they were, you know, they were on the priority list for receiving money. >> michael: peter stone, we have a little bit of trouble there but you made your point. what we're see something how they're crafting legislation the money is going to these groups. they're crafting legislation and that hurts the average american because they can't break that wall. these are funding with they can fund anonymously through different parts of the group nra. peter stone is a reporter for mother jones and we thank him for being with us. we go from protecting the gun l
you the details of that story and the koch brothers, also trying to buy judges throughout the country. how? we'll explain tonight on also on >> john: let me begin by saying congratulations to the nra for bravely opposing today's u.n. arms treaty along side their new bffs, iran, syria and you guys are awesome. healthcare immigration and gun safety bills can't pass in congress but a bill giving monsanto the right to genetically modify your food just sailed through. folks, i don't want to say our food is genetically juiced up but a bag of lettuce just won the tour de france. >> republicans mocking president obama for not closing gitmo are like lucy mocking charlie brown for missing the football. today is the birthday of linda hunt emmylou harris, sir alec guinness would have been 99 today. 500 years ago this very day spanish explorer ponce de leon first set sight on what came to be known as florida and kept their turn signal on for the whole rest of the trip. congressman charlie rangel and ask a tea partier. this is "viewpoint." >> john: go
that the crime of the century as mayor ed koch called it had been solved within the first few hours and gone out to the celebrated watering hole of elaine and giving themselves high fives and raise a toast to each other that this crime of the century had been closed. what they didn't disclose to themselves was that two days before on april 17, 1989, a woman was assaulted and that assault was broken up by a man who she described as having fresh stitches on his chin. a detectiveyoung detective was assigned to track down to the local hospitals who this person might have been. and by the end of the day or the next day they his name. s name was matais reyes. nobody followed through. matais reyes committed the crime the next day, april 19, on the central park jogger. went on, while the cops and the prosecutors were focused on this horrible miscarriage of pinning it on the five. went on to rape and assault he went on to rape and hurt many women. he was eventually caught not by the police, but by civilians who held him down until the police had come. many of the police whoorked thatase had been police w
's behind this? do you believe it was racism? >> it was as mayor ed koch said, the crime of the century. these kids were in the park that night. they assumed they did it. even there were contradictions between their confessions, no dna evidence, none of the boys' from the crime scene. they had not followed through two days before the central park jogger assault on another assault which would have nabbed the guy who ended up murdering and raping other women that summer. it's one of the travesties. it was 13 years later this very same rapist in jail for life confesses his dna matches and these kids are suddenly, oh, okay, sorry. no, actually, no sorry ever take place. >> still hassen taken place. >> and it's ten years. usually these things get settled within a month or a year. they haven't even completed discovery or completed the depositions for a potential trial. and the city is saying, we aren't going to settle. we're going to take this to trial. they're hoping to outlast the five. >> why did they confess so readily? were they coerced? >> yes, they were definitely coerced. these were 1
of the place for one worships. in other words, that has to do with the ideas and koch's. it is a very far cry from genuine religious freedom. so i just want to thank you for making a point and want to underscore. that i think against those of us who only have come to this recently don't realize that freedom of worship is practically meaningless. those are weasel words if i've ever heard of them. >> one of the issues that immediately comes to mind is what we used to call witnessing as christians or evangelizing. and has become a dirty word. it's also in many muslim countries and also in china i believe, to trying to spread christianity, which is one of the tenets of the gospel, the call to spread the word. and, therefore, does not fall into the category of religious freedom. that word has become a dirty word even if. >> what we christians called sharing the good news. >> it's actually a basic human right. and the u.n. to its credit put out a very important report on this very subject about how it is a grave human rights concerns that evangelizing is now repressed in so many countries. >> it's
. >>> the billionaire is making a move into territory. >>> bill marry koch is making the papers. the company has been on the block since it emerged from the bankruptcy at the end of last year. move raising a few eyebrows because the koch brothers have done little in the media space in the past. koch industries saying, as an entrepreneurialial company with 60,000 employees around the world, we are constantly exploring profitable opportunities in many industries and sectors so it's natural that our name would come up with this rumor. we respect the independence of the journalistic institutions referenced in the news stories but it is our long-standing policy to not comment on deals or rumors of deals we may or may not be exploring. >> tribune is now essentially a tv company. the paper worth about $600 million. they've been looking to spin those off of sell them. since february, new ceo. i'm told warren buffett is looking at one of the papers in fact portfolio. company wants to sell them as a package deal but you've got to imagine a lot of billionaires want to play here. >> buffett has tried to explain
. the koch brothers of the republican party. >> sounds like you are all right with the press being in front of the issues. you would like it in a more even handed fashion. >> i'd like to have more diversity in the press core so you have more interesting stories pushed and more questions asked. >> i'd like that too and something we can agree on. >> thank you for being here. >> thank you for having me. >>> still to come, a profile of "new york times" editor jill a bramson wreaks of sexism. reuters fires an editor under indictment and could an f bomb turn out to be a good career move? the media monitor is next. [ male announcer ] this is kevin. to prove to you that aleve is the better choice for him, he's agreed to give it up. that's today? [ male announcer ] we'll be with him all day as he goes back to taking tylenol. i was okay, but after lunch my knee started to hurt again. and now i've got to take more pills. ♪ yup. another pill stop. can i get my aleve back yet? ♪ for my pain, i want my aleve. ♪ [ male announcer ] look for the easy-open red arthritis cap. >>> time for the media moni
you. we are out of time. koching up big government gets in the way of me getting answers about questions about my dog. really? the new government rule that will make you feel sorry for your doctor. sofa... desk... you know what? why don't you go get some frozen yogurt. i got this. you're so sweet. you got this, right? i do got this. let us get everything off the shelf, and to your home. sofa... desk... you know what? why don't you go get some frozen yogurt. i got this. you're so sweet. you got this, right? i do got this. let us get everything off the shelf, and to your home. >> does your doctor treating people like you or filling out forms. doctors say they spend much too much of their time doing paperwork not healing people just handling insurance. that's a terrible waste and it's about to get much worse. congressman, what do you mean? >> what will occur the federal government has imposed new regulations which means new codes for doctors to bill out when a patient comes to see them. right now there are about 13,000 codes. >> that's the book i have. >> that's the book. >> 13,00
americans began to expatriate themselves to pari mostly after the first world war, frederick koch on the boat and bought a ticket and went to london where he hoped to enroll in the music school. he failed to enroll. when first discovered that i thought he had encountered an unforeseen color line as well but it turned saugh -- out that england was colorblind with regard to people of african in origin. they were racist but not to those whose roots were from africa and iran anti-semites and treating patients for lease of the only white people in england or france where he went next who had any kind of bad reaction to seeing black people in public were visiting american interests. and i found the letters to the editor written by americans who were out fancy restaurants in london in 1895 complaining a mixed-race couple was having meals and nobody thought there is anything wrong with that. but it is clear why frederick would have stayed on in europe even though he was not able to continue with a musical career. he was a successful raider in the united states and could do the same in eur
. hello, everyone. thanks for staying with eyewitness news. i'm vic carter. >> and i'm denise koch. here's what people are talking talking about. >>> the fate of a doctor is now in the hands of a jury. he could face time if convicted of murdering four babies from an abortion clinic. >> reporter: jurors have begun deliberate the charges against abortion provider kermit goznel. he could face the death penalty if convicted of murdering four babies allegedly born alive at his clinic. prosecutors say he would cut their spinal cords to ensure death. he is also accused of killing a patient during a botched procedure in 2009. his lawyers say his death was a tragic accident and the babies were stillborn. they say his clinic served desperate women in the poor community. >> reporter: besides jurors, they have to consider a host of other charges, including performing illegal late-term abortions and for performing abortions without waiting the 24-hour period. >> whether or not the first- degree and third-degree murder charges will hold is anyone's guess. >> reporter: cheryl sulkinger has -- sulkinger
carter. and i'm denise koch. >> one of the victims in boston marathon bombing is 8-year-old martin richards. his sister and mother were also badly hurt. >> reporter: flowers and a candle rest on the richards' family's front porch in dorchester, massachusetts. martin richards was just 8 years old, when a bomb on the street ended his short life. he was standing with his family near the finish line when the explosions went off. the boy's mother and sister were badly hurt. in a statement, martin's father, bill richards said, my dear son martin has died from the injuries sustained on the attacks on boston. my wife and daughter are both recovering from serious injuries. we thank our family and friends, those we know and those we have never president for their thoughts and prayers. >> they're your all-american family. >> this a neighbor. >> they used to play outside all the time. kids were outside all the time, having a good time. and it's just a horrendous tragedy. >> reporter: this entire community here in dorchester is in shock. and now martin's friends have to cope with the fact that
. >> and i'm denise koch. here's what people are talking about tonight. >> boston and much of the nation on edge. there is still no claim to responsibility for the deadly attack. but we are learning more about the bombs use. wjz is live with extensive complete coverage. derek valcourt has more on the security extensions in baltimore. mary bubala, with a baltimore teacher who was injured. but first, ninita nair is report-- vinita nair is reporting for us. >> reporter: well, the fbi just wrapped up a press conference, giving us the very latest on the investigation here in boston. we now know there is not a suspect. they tell us the saudi man they had questioned, whose home had been searched, was a victim himself, someone who was injured when those bombs were detonated. they are encouraging people to come forward with cell phone video, with any images they have of when those two bombs were detonated. >> reporter: a law enforcement official tells cbs news, the bombs that exploded near the finish line of the boston marathon, were built and put in place to look like pieces of trash. the device
the koch brothers and karl rove coming in here with huge amounts of money trying to make this a national race against ed markey. markey's fails to really inspire a lot of passion. gomez could come on like gang busters. instilling some fear in the democratic leadership. >> it's interesting how it's playing out and we'll see if bostonians who love politics, it's sort of a second hobby for them after the red sox. we'll see if it gets reengaged here before next tuesday. thanks for coming on the show. >> thanks. >> the gaggle will be here next to preview the presidential prospects joining the presidents in dallas tomorrow. wait until you see who's showing up tonight. but first, it's the white house soup of the day. every reporter's favorite. we'll be right back. nsurance ag. maxwell is not. he's on setting up an appointment with an adjuster. ted is now on hold with his insurance company. maxwell is not and just confirmed a 5:30 time for tuesday. ted, is still waiting. yes! maxwell is out and about... with ted's now ex-girlfriend. wheeeee! whoo! later ted! online claims appointments.
organizations, and in the grover norquist and the koch brothers. and it all comes together to provide such overwhelming pressure on individual republicans to toe the line, to oppose even when they want to engage in problem solving. >> so when you mention the club for growth, you're talking about essentially wall street finance group of private citizens who will take on a republican in the primary to defeat him if he doesn't toe the line on what the financial interests want? >> and these are financial interests who don't just focus on financial interests. many of them are themselves radical either libertarians or who have a very strong ideology. and so the club for growth will intervene not just on tax issues, but on others. and they're joined by other groups. you know, when jim demint left the senate -- >> to head the heritage. >> head the heritage foundation, you know. >> right. a very conservative organization. >> which used to be a think tank. now, of course, it has a 501 (c)4 called heritage action. they're raising money. they're aggressively participating in the political debates
of the republican party. the koch brothers wing of the republican party. >> it sounds like you are all right with the press being out front of the issues. you would like it in a more even handed fashion. >> i'd actually just like to have more diversity within the press core so you have more interesting stories pushed and more questions asked. >> i'd like that too and something we can agree on. ross douthat, thank you for being here. >> thanks for having me. >> still to come, a profile of "new york times" editor, jill abramson wreaks of sexism. reuters fires an editor who is under indictment and could an anchor's on air "f" bomb turn out to be a good career move? the "media monitor" is next. for the times you need to double-check the temperature on the thermometer, be ready. for high fever, nothing works faster or lasts longer. be ready with children's motrin. >> time now for the "media monitor," our weekly look at the hits and errors in the news business. "new york times" executive editor jill abramson was the subject of an old fashion hack it job in "politico" this week. unnamed "times" sta
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